As students from various political, religious and cultural orientations study here, the Office of Cultural Affairs, from early years of establishment of the university, has put the establishment of student-cultural centers on the agenda in order to create a lively atmosphere for students, help flourish creativity, and involve students in practical work to gain experience. Today, after more than thirty years of establishment of MU, five cultural centers are operating according to the standards of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, as well as the upstream documents of the university.

Every year, elections are held to elect members of the Centers (for positions defined in each Center) with special ceremonies and under the supervision of MU Office of Cultural Affairs.

List of Active MU Cultural Centers:
Student-Cultural Center of Quran and Prophet’s Progeny (est. 2003)

Student-Cultural Center of Dayereh (est. 2005)

Student-Cultural Center of Parnian (est. 2006)

Student-Cultural Center of Sirat (est. 2006)

Student-Cultural Center of Sharqno (est. 2009)

Goals of Founding Cultural Centers
1. To identify competent students in cultural activities and support them through planning;

2. To hold social, political, and … programs, on special occasions;

3. To integrate student - cultural ideas and planning to achieve them;

4. To hold cultural competitions within the scope of MU activities;

5. To participate in student - cultural festivals on behalf of the university;

6. To communicate with men of art and culture and hold workshops to review magnificent works of art;

7. Needs assessment of MU cultural operations and ideation.