Today, English language is an important medium to import, distribute and circulate knowledge and information to/in the country and transfer the national achievements and information to other communities. Besides, access to a large portion of news and specialized information in various fields of science, literature, art and the like, at the international level, is accomplished through translation. Moreover, with the increasing development of economic, political and cultural relations, ministries and public and private institutions always need individuals with a good understanding of English to translate legal, technical, commercial, and administrative documents. Knowledge of English also plays an important role in tourism, business and other areas of communication. Above all, language is a tool for different societies to make their voices heard across the world. Therefore, students need to be trained in English in such a way that they can provide these services and are empowered enough not only to understand the non-Persian contents, but also to communicate Persian contents well into English.

There is a far wider range of career opportunities for students of English translation and teaching than students of other languages, because public and private organizations and sectors do increasingly need this capability. English graduates who master this language can work in the following areas:

As a translator in public and private educational centers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is one of the main centers for admitting students in this field, centers that are in direct contact with foreigners and foreign countries, working in such cultural areas as seminars, festivals and exhibitions, and translating works in foreign languages supported by public and private institutions.