Hedayat Yousefi

Director General of the Headquarters


Hedayat Yousefi is the Director General of the Office of the president and faculty member of the Department of Political Science at MU. He received a Bachelor's degree in "Political Science" (1995) and a Master's degree in "Political Science" (1999) from Baqir al-Olum University and is currently the PhD student in "Political Science" at Baqir al-Olum University. He also started seminary courses at the same time as university courses since 1985 by entering the seminary and participated in various seminary courses until 2005.

1- Facilitating intra-organizational and inter-organizational communication of the president of the university and following his orders and notices;

2- Directing and supervising the activities of the subordinate units and departments of the Office of the President;

3- Drafting the letters and summarizing the administrative reports sent to the office to be presented to the president of the university;

4- Following up the implementation of the approvals of the board of directors, university council, and other meetings held by the office of the president;

5- Carrying out the tasks assigned to the director general of the department by the president or under the bylaws of the university.

Subsidiary Units:
- Department of Public Relations and International Affairs

- Center for Information Technology

- Security Department

- Legal Department

- Faculty Recruitment Office

- Tehran Branch