For the well-being of male and female students, MU provides appropriate facilities, according to the needs of young students, so that the academic environment becomes a diverse and up to date place for our dear students.
Sporting facilities
MU is one of the best universities at sport per capita. Our facilities include the following:

1. Football fields with artificial turf;

2. Indoor and multi-purpose gym for futsal, volleyball, basketball and martial arts;

3. Bike station and track;

4. Table tennis, table football, darts, etc .;

5. Outdoor sports courts for volleyball and basketball, as well as various competitions, track and field, etc .;

6. Fitness equipment placed in the university park campus;

7. Forest road for walking and ....

Other welfare facilities
1. Restaurant, self-service and buffet, coffee shop;

2. Language institute for teaching English, Arabic, French, German, etc. with domestic and foreign teachers;

3. English language laboratory;

4. Equipped modern computer site with free internet for students;

5. Men and Women’s prayer halls;

6. Adjacent halls to the Library and Documentation Center for academic discussions;

7. Amphitheater, dialogue and conversations hall and the adjacent hall with a 400-person capacity;

8. Reproduction and sales unit of the university publications;

9. The counseling center (education, marriage, family, etc.)

10. Various financial facilities;

Financial facilities (loans)

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Student dining

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Student Health Insurance

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