MU center for Quranic Studies was established in 2006. The main objectives of this center are: to compile and explain Quranic knowledge in relation with humanities and interdisciplinary researches; , to spread Quranic culture and knowledge with emphasis on the school of Ahl al-Bayt (AS); to support and train competent researchers in the field of Quranic studies; to examine the new intellectual issues of the modern world from the perspective of the Holy Quran, and try to explain the common principles of human relations shared with Muslim communities and the international community.

This center has been operating for more than a decade, and in order to achieve its goals, it has implemented various programs in form of research projects such as: holding conferences, lectures, workshops with the collaboration of domestic and foreign professors and publishing books and journals related to Quranic studies, etc. In order to spread Quranic teachings and present the views of experts in the field of religious knowledge, this center has been publishing a journal entitled semi-annual Journal of “the Ray of Revelation".