Welcome, dear website visitors, We hereby inform you of the “ MU Website Privacy Policy”

Notice: By accessing MU website, we assume you “accept” the following statement. As the site is updated regularly, you are encouraged to check the contents of this statement periodically.

MU Website is available 24 hours a day for dear visitors and any service interruptions would be notified before updating.

User information
To respect the user rights and protect their privacy, MU Website is designed in such a way that personal information of users is not stored; therefore, the university is not responsible for disclosing their information. However, if any user information is required, it is stored in a completely secure way without access of others and it will be wholly removed when the process is completed.

User Security
MU Website is committed to ensure that, using the most up-to-date security systems and employing specialized and qualified personnel, the security of visitors is protected when they visit the website.

Disclosure of Comments
User comments about the university programs, which are sent through the comments section following the contents, are published in a two-step process once approved by the website administrator. If a user requests, his comments will be kept confidential.

As this Site is an academic website and includes various contents which might be linked to some other sites and blogs, the host website may store users' personal information such as IP, etc. Therefore, when you refer to such links, it is recommended to check their privacy statements as well.

Questions & Suggestions:
If the privacy policy is not clear, or if you have a question or a concern about MU privacy practices, you can call us on (+98)(25) 32130144.