Considering the importance of human rights dialogues in the current world and its relationship with religious teachings, as well as the need for research, education and explanation of Islamic ideas and views, especially the Ahl al-Bayt school of thought in this field, and the need to organize and centralize MU activities in this area, MU center for Human Rights Studies was established in June 2003 and since then, it has carried out various efficient activities within the scope of its duties.

In line with the stated goals and duties, the Center for Human Rights Studies has pursued its goals and managed to achieve them successfully with the perseverance of professors and well-known people and using various methods. Given the interdisciplinary nature of human rights and the center's emphasis on maintaining this nature, the Center for Human Rights Studies has sought to encourage thinkers and experts of all disciplines and topics, both in the past and today, to interact with human rights thinkers on the related issues.