"Knowledge justice" is the knowledge of rights. Since man set foot on the planet as a social being, he saw his interest in competition with the interests of others, and in order to satisfy his own needs and desires he coveted the interests and "rights" of others and engaged in constant strife. Thanks to the God-given intellect and inspired by the teachings of the prophets, human beings realized that they should not seek their own benefit by ignoring the rights of others and violating them. Mankind seeks justice, and justice is attainable in the light of some knowledge called "law." Humans found that people, who enjoy moral perfection and virtues, refrain from encroaching on the rights of others. However, the general drive that prohibits all human beings from violating the rights of others was the "law."

The purpose of the Bachelor’s program in Law at MU is to teach this discipline of humanities based on Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic-Iranian culture and custom, and new legal teachings that train students to meet the judicial, advocacy and counseling needs as well as legal expertise in the judiciary system, ministries, executive bodies, and the private sector to help protect the rights of individuals nationally and internationally. In addition, in postgraduate programs, students continue their education, according to their interests, in such fields as criminal law and criminology, private law, public law, international law, human rights, etc., and besides broadening their knowledge, they become familiar with research in these areas.