MU Center for Comparative Law Studies was established in 2009. The objectives of this center are: to conduct research and compare scientific issues and achievements in various legal systems to expand and make a change in legal knowledge and to achieve the best rules in this regard; to study and compare the teachings of Islamic jurisprudence, especially Imamiyya (Shi’a) jurisprudence, with the teachings of Law to explain the jurisprudential principles of legal issues and topics; to evaluate and review national laws and regulations in various legal fields in order to amend and update them; to try to achieve legal unity in various areas and promote legal knowledge, and to eliminate gaps and shortcomings in any area of theory and application.

One of the most important activities of this center is the publication of two scientific-research semi-annual journals entitled "Comparative Law"; The center has also cooperated in holding various conferences, including: "National and International Law, from Tradition to Postmodernism", "Comparative Law and Islamic Commercial Law", " the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts 2010 " and "Implementation of Islamic Law in French and European Legal Systems".