MU center for Economic Studies was established in 2005. The purposes of this center are: to organize and centralize MU activities in the field of economics, knowledge production and development of economic literature with emphasis on Islamic economic research and interdisciplinary studies, to explain and promote Islamic ideas in the field of economics, to clarify the fundamentals and current principles in the economic system based on Islamic teaching, to consult and have academic exchange with similar national and international centers, train competent researchers, etc.

This center seeks to realize the mentioned goals through conducting research projects, holding workshops and short-term courses, conferences, lectures, specialized meetings, providing advice to executive institutions, etc. , creating a database and information base of economic books and articles, especially Islamic economics; , establishing a database and information base of educational and research centers and experts in the field of economics as well as Islamic economics; forming of scientific-research circles in basic economic issues; providing the ground for students to participate in educational workshops inside and outside the country; , guiding and supporting student research (articles and dissertations); providing the ground for professors and researchers to participate in scientific conferences and workshops inside and outside the country; carrying out research projects in line with the goals of the center; , holding conferences, lectures and periodic workshops with the collaboration of local and foreign professors; encouraging writing specialized books and articles in the field of economics, and hold holding educational and research workshops with the collaboration of domestic and foreign professors are among the most important programs of this center.

The Center for Economic Studies publishes a scientific-research journal entitled "Economic Studies and Policies" which is available in both print and electronic editions for researchers in the field of Economics. The most important conferences held by the Center for Economic Studies are: "Economic Thoughts of Martyr Sadr", "vaqf (endowment) in the Capital Market", "Jurisprudential and Economic Principles of Islamic Taxes", "Examining the Quranic and Economic Thoughts of Ayatollah Taleghani" and "Ayatollah Mousavi's commemoration Conferences".