At organizational level, MU Library and Documentation Center operates under the supervision of the vice-president for Research. It coordinates macro policies of the library and the general planning which may include purchase from book fairs and decision making for library affairs. In general, library management is responsible for management, organization, control and structuring the central library collection.

Acquisition Department

Based on the need analysis and the requests of professors and students, this department is responsible to acquire new scientific resources including: books, periodicals, electronic publications, and audio-visual materials in various fields. This department is concerned with the purchase, collection, and distribution of scientific resources of MU library.

The acquisition section is usually involved with controlling and keeping the library stack resources up to date, ordering Persian and Latin books, and receiving the donated resources.

Resource Organization Department

In the cataloguing section, Library's information resources undergo descriptive-analytic examination and they are catalogued and classified according to international standards.

In this section, books are catalogued according to the second edition of Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACRII), Library of Congress system classification (LCC) , Persian Extensions of DDC used by National Library of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Basic cataloguing (detailed cataloguing). Then bibliographic information of books is transferred to the comprehensive library software (Simorgh) and corrected. After import of bibliographic information to the book lending software, all books will be available to visitors.