The Association of Special Libraries (seminary and university) of Qom Province

Expansion of human knowledge, financial and physical limitations of libraries, and increasing value of information resources have created challenges for libraries in providing their users with all their required information resources. Today, no library can fulfill information requirements of all their users alone and a self-subsistent library, that holds all documents and resources, is neither possible nor cost-effective.

Therefore, libraries have changed their policies from possession of resources to access to resources. One of the best ways to do this is interlibrary cooperation at the local, national, regional, or international levels. To accomplish this goal and communicate opinions and experiences, libraries of the province of Qom established the Association of Special Libraries (seminary and university) suggested by MU Library and Documentation Center. This association aims at:

-Provide opportunities for visitors, particularly for faculty and researchers, to use library services;

-Provide opportunities for interlibrary loan;

-Provide opportunities for communication of information resources;

-Use bibliographic services (cataloguing, classification, indexing, and abstracting;

-Collaborate in acquisition and provision of information services;

-Provide opportunities to improve management strategies of libraries and information centers and promote the knowledge of managers and librarians.
To receive a referral for using the services of the member libraries of the Association (MaKta), please refer to the MU Information Unit.

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