Hossein Afshari

Educational Expert


MU’s Department of Political Science was established in 1994 and it offered only Bachelor’s program until 1998. It launched a Master’s program in 1999 and a PhD program in 2014. Research and development of political theories through Islamic approach, comparative study of different branches of political science from both Islamic and Western perspectives, and research on the political heritage of Iranian-Islamic scholars and theorists in the field of political knowledge are the most important factors that distinguish education in this department from other faculties of political science across the country.

Graduates of this department are currently employed in such positions and careers as faculty members of political science at various universities, political-executive positions, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representing the Islamic Consultative Assembly (MPs), school teachers, researcher in public and private institutions, political analyst in IRIB, news agencies and administrative activities.

Our Programs of Study

The Department of Philosophy offers Bachelor of Political Science. Course subjects for the Bachelor of Philosophy are outlined among different subjects in the table below:
Course Titles units
General 22
Specialized courses of political science 39
Specialized courses on Islam and Iran 31
Law(national and international) 23
Fundamentals and history 23
Political texts in English 4
Total 135

The Department offers 4 Master’s programs in political science, International Relations, Islamic political Thought, and Regional Studies.

It also offers a PhD program in Political Science- Iranian studies.