Mahmoud Shafiei

Department of political science

Mahmoud Shafiei (born 1969, Zanjan) is an Associate professor of MU’s Department of Political Science. He received a Bachelor's degree in "political science" in 1996, a Master's degree in "Political Science" from Baqer al-Olum University in 1999, and a PhD in "Political Science" from Imam Sadeq (AS) University in 2006.

He has also started seminary studies since 1983 and participated in the courses of advanced Islamic Jurisprudence and principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Kharej-e Fiqh and Usul) for many years.

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POLITICAL THOUGHT OF SHEIKH MOFID, SEIED MORTAZA AND SHEIKH TOASI (TEHRAN: CENTER OF ISLAMIC REVOLUTION DOCUMENTS, 1387/2008) Note: this book has been written by three authors, one of them is me.
POLITICAL METHOD OF PROPHET MOHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) (QOM: RESEARCH CENTER OF ISLAMIC SCIENCE AND ISLAMIC CULTURE, 1386/2007) Note: this book has been written by a group of authors. The title of mine is: “Consultation and Mohammedan State”.
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- Political Sociology of Iran Based on Theory of Communicative Action (Tehran: Imam Sadegh University, 2010)


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Rule of law; Pahlavism, "Nasim Bidari" (First Year: No. 5, April 2010) pp 66-67.
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Transformation of social structures and the evolution of political jurisprudence in the constitutional period (fourteenth year, No. fifty-six, winter 2011).
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"Responsibilities of a democratic government regarding the political participation of the people from the perspective of the Qur'an" Political Science (Seventeenth Year, No. 66, summer 2014).
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“Political Justice from the Perspective of Quran and Traditions: A Reflection on the Political Equality” Political Science (Nineteenth Year, No. 76, winter 2016)
Sociological and political history of Iran (A)

Sociological and political history of Iran (B)

Islamic revolution of Iran

history of Iranian foreign relations

theories of revolution

political ethnics

Seminar of global impact of Iranian Islamic revolution

Iranian Islamic Revolution and Its International Reflection

Seminar of Iranian sociological and political history

Political sociology of Iran

Political jurisprudence

political thought of Imam Khomeini

Rational issues of Islamic political thought

Historical, Political, Economic and Social Roots of Iranian Islamic Revolution

Political sociology of Iran



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