Reza Khalili

Educational Expert


Department of Philosophy was established in 1993 and started its operation by offering a Bachelor's program in Philosophy. It also started to offer Master’s program in 1998 by admitting students for the Master's program in “Western Philosophy” and then admitted the first group of students for Master's degree in Islamic Philosophy in 1999. Various Master’s programs were launched in the following years at MU and now 5 Master’s programs are offered by this department. The first PhD programs for “Islamic Philosophy” and “Western Philosophy” were launched in 2015 and 2018, respectively.

Faculty members of the Department of Philosophy teach and research on a wide range of topics and issues in Western and Islamic philosophy. This department focuses specifically on the history of ancient Greek philosophy, the history of modern philosophy, and the history of analytic philosophy. Faculty members are mainly specialized in areas of metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind, philosophy of ethics and philosophy of religion. In the field of Islamic philosophy, this department deals professionally with peripatetic, illumination and transcendent schools.

High- quality education, along with student efforts, have made MU Department of Philosophy as one of the most reliable centers of philosophy in the country so that students and graduates of this department have constantly been among the top ranks in graduate entrance exams and managed to be ranked among the top ten in exams for Master's and doctoral degree in the fields of Western philosophy, Islamic philosophy and Theology, logic, philosophy of religion and philosophy of science. Besides, the graduates of MU’s Department of Philosophy have progressed to careers in various areas, including: membership in the faculty of public and private universities, teaching in seminaries, scientific cooperation with public and private research centers, writing, translating, teaching at schools and administrative work.

Our Programs of Study

The Department of Philosophy offers Bachelor of Philosophy. Course subjects for the Bachelor of Philosophy are outlined among different subjects in the table below:
Course Titles units
General 22
Western Philosophy (specialized) 36
Islamic Philosophy (specialized) 24
General philosophical, Theological and Ethical issues 10
Foreign Language for students of Philosophy 24
Various topics on Humanities 8
Total 134

The Department offers 5 Master’s programs in Western Philosophy, Philosophy and Islamic Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Ethics, and Philosophy of Science.

It also offers PhD program in Western Philosophy (Modern Philosophy) as well as Philosophy and Islamic Theology.