Mohammad niazi

Supervisor of Legal Clinics

Ramin Nori

Office Manager


MU Legal Clinic, as the first of its kind in Islamic Republic of Iran, was founded in 2007 under the supervision of the university’s Human Rights study center. This clinic is a public academic institute which operates based on knowledge, experience, commitment, and justice. It is established to provide free legal services to the poor and those affected by social harms in order to rehabilitate them, settle the disputes by peaceful means in a short period of time, and increase people’s knowledge of rules in order to institutionalize citizenship rights. Besides providing community services, MU Legal Clinic tries to increase the knowledge and experience of students, teach them the required legal skills, and pave the ground for them to raise the spirit of altruism and participation in charitable acts. During its operation, this clinic have managed to provide an opportunity for many professors, judges, lawyers and students of Law to give free services to people from different walks of life. Thousands have used the services provided by this clinic since its establishment. In terms of training, many programs including training courses, summer schools, and scientific seminars have been offered with the cooperation of national and international organizations.

Moreover, concerning remarkable activities of MU on child rights, the first child rights clinic in Iran opened in April 2019 in the presence of Dr. Mahmud Abbasi, deputy Minister of Justice, as wells as the Secretary of the National Authority for the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Mofid university. This clinic aims to set up a number of scientific programs and community services for children to obtain their rights.