Hossein Afshari

Educational Expert


MU’s Law Department was established in 1991 and admitted students for Bachelor’s degree program in the same year. It also launched Master's and Doctoral programs in 1995 and 2002, respectively. It is among the few departments of Law in the country that has been admitting students for a Master's degree in Human Rights since 2004. Because of our well-known professors from seminary schools and universities and research achievements in various fields of law including human rights, children's rights, women's rights, etc., from both Islamic perspective and the international legal system, as well as the provision of scientific and non-profit legal services through the Legal Clinic and the Children's Rights Clinic, Department of Law has made MU one of the country's leading educational centers.

Moreover, as MU is among the top- ranked universities in Iran, graduates of all degree programs of its Law Department, provided they obtain the required grade point average, can directly attend the scientific interview without taking the entrance exam for judges.

Graduates of MU Department of Law have progressed to careers in various areas, including: advocacy, notary public, legal representative and adviser of public and private organizations, legal services offices, dispute resolution councils, government bodies and courts as well as faculty members of law at different universities across the country, etc.

Our Programs
We offer Bachelor’s program in Law at MU Department of Law. The courses are provided in the following table:
Course Titles units
General 22
Specialized 87
Basic 21
Optional 10
Total 140
We also offer eight Masters in “Private Law”, “International Law”, “Criminal Law and Criminology”, “public Law”, “Human Rights” , “Family Law” , “International Economic Commercial Law” and “Juvenile Criminal Law”. The courses are provided in the following table:
Course Titles units
Specialized Optional
Private Law 21 7
International Law 21 7
Criminal Law and Criminology 20 8
Public Law 21 7
Human Rights 24 4
Juvenile Criminal Law 22 6
International Economic Commercial Law 20 8
Family Law 22 6
based units
- 4
Total 132

Two PhD programs are offered in “Private Law” and “General International Law”:
Course Titles units
Specialized optional
Private Law 12 6
Dissertation 18
General International Law 12 6
Dissertation 18
Total 36