Mohammad Jandaqian

Educational Expert


Department of Economics was established as the first Department of Mofid university in 1989, and right then began to admit students for the Bachelor's program in theoretical economics. It opened up the master's program and the Professional Doctorate in 1994 and 2001, respectively. During thirty years of its activity, Department of Economics has found a significant place by training well-known specialists in the field of economics, especially Islamic economics, and providing interdisciplinary and comparative research. It is counted as the leading department in Economics and, particularly, the Islamic Economics.

The graduates of this department are engaged in activities and research in most economic systems and government organizations related to this field; For example, they hold government and administrative positions in such organizations as the Central Bank, Central Insurance Agency, Stock Exchange Organization, public and private banks, Tax Affairs Organization and consulting offices, economic project consultants, economic researchers in public and private organizations and departments, as well as Graduate Faculty Membership in Economics Departments of well-known Iranian universities.
Programs of Study
The Department of Economics offers Bachelor of Economics. Course subjects for the Bachelor of Economics are outlined among different subjects in the table below:
Course Titles units
General 20
Islamic Economics 17
localized approach focusing on Iran's economy 38
Analysis of Economic Issues (Interdisciplinary studies) 30
enhancing academic competencies and acquiring professional skills 24
Global economy studies 6
Total 135

The Department offers 5 Master’s program in Economic Development and Planning, Islamic Banking, Islamic Economics, Theoretical Economics, and Islamic Economics and Finance.

It also offers PhD program in Economics which includes International Economics.