Research on the Quran is a key to understand it. If this issue finds its place amongst researchers, many blessings will come upon the society, especially to the academic and seminary elites. A potential harm for Muslim community is the abandonment of the Holy Quran and the inconsistency between the instructions and recommendations of this divine book and the present conditions .Further, doubts raised about the verses of the Holy Quran need to be answered using the new methodology and language.

Questions and challenges of this type led MU Center for Quranic Studies to publish a specialized semi-annual journal of "Ray of Revelation" in 2014 aiming to pursue interdisciplinary studies and research on Quranic sciences and religious knowledge and publish the latest scientific achievements of researchers in the field.
Main objectives of this publication can be stated as follows:
- Expanding Quranic research as the main source of knowing Islam using the scientific competencies of seminary and academic researchers;

- Creating a Quranic discourse and stabilizing the position of Quranic research in academic environment;

- Creating an atmosphere of conflict of opinions for religious and Quranic thinkers and researchers; and

- Providing research results and opinions of thinkers in the field of religious knowledge and religion-based knowledge.