Fatemeh Jafarzadeh

Educational Expert


MU’s Department of English was established in 2007 and started its operation by offering a Bachelor’s program in the English Language and Translation. It has also offered a Bachelor’s program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language since 2019. The department does not currently offer postgraduate studies, but it intends to do so in the immediate future.

Graduate students of this department have progressed to careers in various areas, including English teachers, translators, researchers, material developers, curriculum developers, syllabus designers, test developers, consultants for international companies, administrators in domestic departments and international organizations operating in Iran or abroad, official translators in governmental and non-governmental organizations, flight attendants, Tourist guides, etc.

Course subjects for the Bachelor of English are outlined among different subjects in the table below:

Course Titles units
General 22
General English 22
General English 8
Translation 50
Linguistics and Morphology 6
Teaching Methodology and Research Methodology 8
Second Language, Introduction to English literature,… 10
English Literary and Technical Texts 10
Total 136