Human rights are such an important issue today that they are called as the foundation of human life and coexistence. We respect human dignity based on the rules and regulations of human rights. All human beings have dignity and rights in the sense that they are human beings. Undoubtedly, all human beings want to live in a developed world with security, spirituality, rights and morality; A world free from violence, discrimination and inequality, free from oppression and tyranny and full of justice, peace, freedom and tolerance.

Human rights are responsible to provide the ground for developing such a world; Therefore, as the first scientific and fully specialized journal in Iran, the “International Semi-annual journal of Human Rights” started its operation in 2006 and set to publish selected scientific works in order to explain the theoretical foundations of human rights and accomplish the goals of the Center for Human Rights Studies and to expand principled research and theoretical foundations of human rights. In more than ten years of activity, this semi- annual journal has been introduced as a research resource in the related areas and continued its activities.

The semi-annual Journal of Human Rights invites all professors, and thinkers interested in topics on human rights research to contribute to the continuation of this path by submitting their scientific works and articles. This semi-annual journal has been published since 2006 by MU Center for Human Rights Studies in Iran. It is an international journal with anonymous (closed) refereeing system that is published for free to promote human rights concepts in Iran and reflects the existing views, also for easy access. It publishes articles free of cost. All costs related to the compilation, preparation and publication of articles are covered by MU Center for Human Rights Studies.

The journal is published in both print and digital editions and once every two seasons, and articles are accepted in Persian and English and they are reviewed. The minimum time to review articles will be eight weeks and all Persian articles must include abstracts and references in English.