Seyed Masoud Mousavikarimi

Department of Philosophy

Seyed Masoud Mousavikarimi (born 1967, Ardebil) is an Assistant professor of MU’s Department of Philosophy. He received a Bachelor's degree in "Mechanical Engineering" from the University of Science and Technology in 1991, a Master's degree in "Philosophy of Science" from Sharif University of Technology in 1999, and a PhD in "Philosophy" from the University of Ottawa - Canada in 2012.

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“Opacity of ‘Human Rights’,” to be published in The Journal of Human Rights.
“The First Step in Understanding Human Rights,” in The Journal of Human Rights, Vol 12, No. 1, Summer 2018.
“Religious Belief and Coexistence: Theoretical Obstacles,” presented in the conference of Abrahamic Religions and Peaceful Coexistence, Mofid University, Qom, December 2017.
“Religious Belief and Platonic Knowledge,” in Existence and Knowledge, Vol. 2, No. 1, Summer 2015.
“Conceptual Challenges of Human Rights,” in Etemad, NO. 2577, December 2012.
“On Justice: philosophical reflections,” in Etemad, NO. 2408, May 2012.
Carnap and Quine on Analyticity, Ph.D. thesis, March 2012.
Identity, Difference and Human Rights: A collection of papers [edited with a critical introduction], to be published by CHRS both in English and in Persian.
“Adopting Islam to a Western Context”, presented at the conference The Euro-Mediterranean Region: religions and new perspectives for dialogue? Trento, Italy, October 20th - 21st 2011.
On Time: the concept of Time in physics and philosophy, Tehran: 2006.
Since 1997 up to now, I taught a number of different topics both in undergrad and grad levels as listed below. I taught some of the topics many times.
Undergraduate Courses:

History of Early Modern Philosophy (from Bacon to Hume)
History of Analytic Philosophy (including Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Carnap and Quine)
Philosophy of Science
MA Seminars:

Selected Topics in Analytic Philosophy
Philosophy of Human Rights
Philosophy of John Locke
Philosophy of Rene Descartes
Ph.D. Seminars:

Meaning, Essentialism, and the Question of Ontology
MA Theses Supervised:

The Role of Art and Literature in Promoting Human Rights
Rousseau on Human Rights
Frege on Thought
Rorty's Approach to Human Rights
Positions Held:
2017 up to now: President, Mofid University.

2003 up to now: Director and Founder of the Center for Human Rights Studies (CHRS) in Mofid University.

1995 up to now: Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Mofid University.

1991-2014: Vice-Chancellor, Mofid University.

1991 up to now: Member of the Board of Trustees, Mofid University, Qom, Iran.

Editor in Chief, Existence and Knowledge [a philosophical journal in Persian], published by Mofid University, 2014 up to 2017.

Editor in Chief, Journal of Human Rights, published by Center for Human Rights Studies, Mofid University, 2006 up to 2016.

Editor in Chief, Nameh-ye Falsafi: Quarterly Journal in Philosophy, published by Mofid University, 2003-2010.

Editor in Chief, Nameh-ye Mofid: Quarterly Journal in Humanities, published by Mofid University, 1993-2003.
Chairperson, the Fifth International Conference on Human Rights: Peace, Human Rights and Religion, 2009, CHRS, Qom, Iran.
Chairperson, the Fourth International Conference on Human Rights: Human Rights and Religion, 2007, CHRS, Qom, Iran.
Chairperson, the Third International Conference on Human Rights: Identity, Difference and Human Rights, 2005, CHRS, Qom, Iran.
Chairperson, the Second International Conference on Human Rights: Theoretical Foundations of Human Rights, 2003, CHRS, Qom, Iran.
Chairperson, the First International Conference on Human Rights: Human Rights and Dialogue among Civilizations, 2001, CHRS, Qom, Iran.
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