In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

O my child, make yourself the measure (for dealings) between you and others. Thus, you should desire for others what you desire for yourself and hate for others what you hate for yourself. (Nahjul Balagha , Letter 31)
Mofid University is founded based on science, morality and religion. It seeks to teach the humanities and Islamic concerns in a scientific and academic way and become a center for enhancement of ideas. It also seeks to provide an authentic and systematic reading of Islam, to investigate Islamic theories and adjust them to the current knowledge, and, finally, to find effective solutions to the challenges of the Muslim community and human society.

MU codes of conduct

Ethics is central to our practice at MU; therefore, all university staff consider themselves committed to the highest levels of ethical practice in their words and actions in relation to professors, students, clients, and colleagues.

Fair behavior and treatment are the main criteria for MU staff assessment. As students are from different nationalities and religions and they have heterogeneous political and cultural orientations, MU staff considers themselves committed to practice justice and fairness free from bias, at all administrative levels, in their communications. Moreover, along with full qualification assessment of the staff from the very beginning of their employment, various supervisory groups and committees monitor the implementation of this principle.

Despite respecting individual beliefs and in order to serve religion, MU’s basic condition for staff to attend and work in the university is to observe the basic Islamic rules.

Every organization requires order and discipline in order to achieve its goals. Although there is a cordial atmosphere among MU staff, this does not imply disorder; in fact, administrative discipline takes precedence over everything else in managing all university affairs.

Rule of Law
Law is the final word in MU. All university activities are carried out in accordance with laws of the country, guidelines of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, as well as the upstream documents of the university; personal choices of the staff has no place, especially in relation to the clients.

Up to date
Keeping up with changes brings out stability and progress for any system. MU has sought to manage and implement educational-research programs as well as all administrative activities based on up-to-date methods and in line with the latest available achievements. The current resources of the university, compared with other academic centers, indicate that the university is moving in line with this basic principle.

Whether an organization moves towards the established goals or not, indicates the strength or weakness of its performance. The goals of Mofid University - which are specified in the statute and explained in the general policy of the collection - are central to the activities of the university , and striving to achieve them is the fundamental responsibility of all MU members.

MU operates based on the principle of cooperation and group activity. All the career guidelines and bylaws in this university comply with this principle and, based on staff’s scope of work, all practices are planned in such a way that maximum productivity is achieved through staff collaboration.

Accountability is a characteristic of efficient human resources in a system. Given that MU is a non-profit and its esteemed founder had lofty goals, the importance of staff accountability becomes twofold. Accountability at MU is responsibility to complete the assigned tasks, help clients, self-sacrifice, and pursue the tasks to be completed.