As active collaboration of students in academic programs and providing a good ground to realize their scientific ideas is important, several academic societies have been established at MU. These societies, independently or jointly with other sections of the university, hold various events in the form of conferences, seminars, meetings, extracurricular classes, etc. Every year, elections are held to elect members of the societies (for positions defined in each society) with special ceremonies and under the supervision of the Office of Cultural Affairs by the students themselves.

List of Active MU Societies
Student-Academic Society of Quranic Studies (est. 2003)

Student-Academic Society of Philosophy (est. 2007)

Student-Academic Society of Economics (est. 2008)

Student-Academic Society of Political Science (est. 2008)

Student-Academic Society of Law (est. 2009)

Student-Academic Society of English Language (est. 2009)

Student-Academic Society of Islamic Jurisprudence and Principles of Law (est. 2019)

The most important activities of each Society
1. To hold student meetings, speeches, and academic student conferences;

2. To hold academic competitions among students;

3. To hold student academic dialogue sessions;

4. To hold academic camps;

5. To collect and publish academic materials within the specialized scope of the Society;

6. Regular and organized participation in conferences and professional meetings of other institutes and centers;

7. To hold essay and dissertation writing workshops.